5 Best Websites to Find Chinese Clothing Manufacturers

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In the ever-changing fashion industry, sourcing quality and affordable apparel is a crucial part of any business, especially when it comes to capitalizing on the advantages of Chinese manufacturing. If you’re looking for reliable garment manufacturers, then this article can be customized for you. I’ve gathered 5 websites where you can find and screen Chinese garment manufacturers, especially the first two, which our factories are also featured on.


1. Alibaba (www.alibaba.com)

Alibaba is a global marketplace that connects international buyers with Asian suppliers. It’s a fantastic channel for finding a wide range of clothing manufacturers in China, offering an extensive product range. However, be mindful of the supplier quality, and consider arranging quality inspection services for a smooth experience.

2. Made in China (www.made-in-china.com)

This platform is a comprehensive service platform for foreign trade and features a vast array of categories and suppliers. Made in China is an excellent resource for connecting with numerous clothing manufacturers, offering diverse options to suit various business needs.

3. Global Sources (www.globalsources.com)

Global Sources, based in Hong Kong, is a B2B channel that links buyers and suppliers online. This platform is particularly useful for finding high-quality manufacturers and can be a valuable tool for businesses seeking to establish direct communication with suppliers.

4. China Importal (www.chinaimportal.com)

China Importal provides insightful guidance on finding the right factory and understanding the nuances of the Chinese manufacturing landscape. It’s particularly useful for learning about different manufacturers’ specializations and certifications.

5. SaleHoo (www.salehoo.com)

SaleHoo offers a guide on communicating with manufacturers and suppliers, which is essential for smooth business operations. This website is a treasure trove of information on finding reliable manufacturers, understanding their fees, shipping costs, production capacity, and quality standards.

Bonus Tips

  • Attend Fashion Exhibitions and Trade Shows in China, such as the Canton Fair and Yiwu Trade Fair, to connect with manufacturers in person and see the latest trends.
  • Consider third-party agencies to source Chinese clothing suppliers if you’re not experienced in this area.
  • Be vigilant in distinguishing between factories and trading companies when exploring these websites. Factories usually focus on a specific category, while traders might offer a wider range of products.
  • Always request samples early in your communication with manufacturers to assess quality and suitability for your brand.

Finding the right manufacturer is not just about the cost but also about quality, reliability, and the ability to meet your specific needs. Take your time to research and communicate effectively to ensure a successful partnership.


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