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Whether you are a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the swimwear industry, you are sure to gain from our custom swimwear services and knowledge of the swimwear industry as detailed on this page.

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Our Custom Swimwear Services

While customizing and wholesaling women’s swimwear is the core of our business, we also provide professional guidance to entrepreneurs and startups to help them become more familiar with the swimwear industry faster.


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Our swimwear products

  • As a professional manufacturer of custom swimwear, we are strong enough to produce any style of swimwear you design, and strictly control the quality of the product.
  • You can send us your swimsuit design drawings or your ideas via the button below
  • You can also check our product catalog, in order to facilitate our customers to better understand the quality of our products, we have prepared free swimwear samples for our customers.

Why choose us as your swimwear manufacturer?

There are many swimwear manufacturers in the world, why do we stand out? Because our factory is strong and we are confident in the quality of the swimwear we produce, and customer first is the principle we always adhere to.

15+ Years Experience

With over 15 years of experience in garment production, our efficiency and professionalism is unmatched by other swimwear manufacturers.

OEM/ODM Swimwear

We offer OEM and ODM services and customizing high quality swimwear is what we do best. At the same time we are also responsible for designing out our customers’ ideas and providing professional advice and guidance for their business.

Quality Control

In order to ensure that our customers receive perfect products, we strictly control every step of the production process, so that our customers can work with us without worries.

Design Confidentiality

Your swimsuit design will be completely confidential and we will not disclose it to anyone.

Sustainable Manufacturer

We always insist on saving electricity and water, and the whole production process will not cause any pollution to the environment.

Professional Team

We have a complete team system, including sales department, design department, purchasing department and production department, each staff has rich working experience and professional knowledge.

If you are preparing to start your own swimwear business or just starting out, then be sure to read the following article carefully and I am sure he will be helpful to you.

What is A Custom Swimwear Manufacturer?

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Custom swimwear is swimwear that is designed or proposed by the customer and then made by a clothing manufacturer or a store specializing in custom clothing. This type of swimwear is generally unique in design and is suitable for clothing store owners, designers or individual buyers who have a custom need for swimwear.

Custom swimwear manufacturers have specialized knowledge of clothing, support mass production, and are inexpensive, making them ideal for businesses and people starting a business to work with.

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What Fabrics are Swimsuits Generally Made of?

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Swimwear fabric is generally composed of nylon (nylon) + spandex or polyester plus spandex. There are flat screen printing and digital printing, nowadays most of them are flat screen printing. Digital printing is also more popular, but the price is relatively high.

The most basic swimsuit fabrics on the market are generally three kinds of Dupont Lycra, nylon and polyester.

1. Nylon fabric

the use of nylon filament or staple fiber and other fibers for blending or interweaving and obtain the fabric, both the characteristics and strengths of each fiber. Although the texture is not as strong and solid as Lycra fabric, but its elasticity and softness can be comparable to Lycra. Currently it is the most commonly used swimwear fabric, suitable for medium-priced products.

2. Polyester fabric

Polyester fabric is a kind of chemical fiber clothing fabric used in daily life. Its biggest advantage is that it has good wrinkle resistance and conformability. Therefore, it is suitable for wearing in the sun.

3. Dupont Lycra

It is artificial elastic fiber with the best elasticity. It can be freely stretched 4 to 7 times, and after releasing the external force, it quickly recovers its original length with excellent stretch. It is suitable for blending with various fibers to enhance the drapability and wrinkle resistance of the texture. DuPont Lycra with chlorine-resistant components will make the swimsuit not have a longer life than ordinary materials.

How Much Does A Custom Swimsuit Sample Cost?

Swimsuit samples typically cost between $50 and $100. The price depends on the complexity of the design and the materials used. For a simple one-piece swimsuit, you can expect to pay around $50. If you want a more complex design, with multiple colors and patterns, you can expect to pay closer to $100. Keep in mind that these prices are just for the sample; if you decide to go ahead and place an order for your custom swimsuit, you will need to pay for the materials and production costs as well. But the good news is that once you have your perfect swimsuit design, you can use it over and over again! So even though the initial investment might be a little higher than buying a swimsuit off the rack, in the long run, it will be worth it.

Of course, some swimwear manufacturers will refund your sample fee when you decide to choose them to mass produce your swimwear, so that your samples are made at no cost to you.

How Do I Start My Own Swimwear Brand?

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1. Designing a swimwear brand logo

  • create your swimwear brand logo using simple design software such as Adobe Photoshop or Canva. don’t spend too much money on a professional designer to help create it, you can try it yourself.
  • Make sure your logo represents your swimwear brand well. It should be simple, easy to remember, and in line with your swimwear brand positioning.
  • During the creation process, you can refer to some successful swimwear brands’ logo design ideas, but avoid directly copying others’ works.

2. Registered trademark

  • Your swimwear brand logo is your trademark and you should make sure it gets registered. Register your trademark through the United States Trademark Office (USPTO).
  • Make sure no one else is using the trademark you want to use so that you can protect your swimwear brand.

3. Identify your target market and position your product

  • you need to define your swimwear target market and product positioning. The target market is the definition of the population of consumer groups that have similar characteristics, such as age, gender, geography, occupation, etc. Product positioning, on the other hand, is a specific positioning for the target market, a clear and unique product image built on the target market.
  • The determination of the target market and product positioning requires you to conduct sufficient research on competitors, consumers and the market environment before making a decision. This step is also the core of the entire product strategy, and once it is determined, it should be consistently adhered to

4. Find a manufacturer and develop product samples

If you have experience in swimwear design, then consider finding a manufacturer to help you develop product samples. If you don’t have experience in swimwear design, don’t worry, there are online platforms to find the designer you want. There are many producers online that can help you develop samples and also offer some other services such as mass production.

  • You can work with the manufacturer once you have decided the design and price of the swimsuit with them.
  • You need to provide some necessary information to the manufacturer, such as your swimsuit design file, size chart, etc.
  • You also need to communicate with the manufacturer about the production schedule of the swimsuit to ensure that the swimsuit will be delivered on time.

5. Determine the selling price of swimwear

  • You need to take into account various factors, such as production costs, shipping costs, packaging costs, etc.
  • You also need to take into account your target market, because different markets have different price requirements.
  • If the price of your swimwear is too high, consumers may not find it worthwhile to buy it, so price it reasonably.

6. Promote your swimwear brand

Create a website

  • Create your swimwear brand website using WordPress, Squarespace or other website building tools.
  • Make sure your website represents your swimwear brand well. It should be simple, cleanly designed, easy to use, and have appealing images.
  • Add some free content to your website, such as a swimwear matching guide or beach travel tips, to attract customers to visit.

Use social media marketing

  • Create a Facebook page, Instagram account or other social media platform to promote your swimwear brand.
  • Work with influential bloggers and online celebrities to get them to wear and promote your swimwear brand.
  • Attend events related to fashion, beach or swimwear to attract media attention.

Work with retailers

  • Find retailers to sell your swimwear products.
  • Make sure your retailer represents your swimwear brand well. They should provide excellent customer service, good product knowledge, and be able to promote your swimwear brand.
  • Maintain a good relationship with your retailer for a long term partnership.


There are many things you need to consider before you start your own swimwear brand. You first need to determine the design of your swimwear and find a manufacturer to develop samples. Second, you need to determine the selling price of the swimwear and take into account factors such as production costs, shipping costs, and packaging costs. Finally, you need to do some promotion to let people know about your swimwear brand. Creating a website, using social media marketing or partnering with retailers are all good ways to get the word out. If you can take all of these factors into account, then your swimwear brand should be very successful.

How to Find A High Quality Swimwear Manufacturer?

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There are many ways to find a swimwear manufacturer, but it takes some effort to find a reputable and qualified one. First of all, you can pay attention to the swimwear stores around you and see which swimwear catches your eye, and write down the brand name. Secondly, you can search for information about swimwear manufacturers online, or look for advertising in business magazines. After getting this information, you can learn more about the factories, such as their size, production capacity and product quality, so that you can choose the right one.

If you think you are not familiar with this industry, you can consult some people in the industry, such as swimwear store owners, swimwear designers and importers. They can all provide some useful information. In addition, you can also go to some swimwear exhibitions to understand, so that you can directly communicate with manufacturers.

List of Top 10 Swimwear Manufacturers in the World

We have collected and compiled a list of the top 10 swimwear manufacturers in the world with the best customization capabilities, so you can easily compare and choose the right manufacturer for you.

LoveNaturalTouch factory is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China, which is the main production base of clothing in China, they mainly produce fashion clothing, custom swimwear is one of their most skilled business, and have more than 15 years of experience in clothing production, exporting clothing to all over the world, always adhere to the principle of customer first, in Lovenaturaltouch, you will not only get high quality custom swimwear, but also experience an unprecedented service experience, because they are really professional and responsible.

Address: 3F, No.1 Building, No.16 of Zhenkou Industrial Third Road, Humen Town,Dongguan city,China

Bali Swim is a low minimum production swimwear manufacturer that works with hundreds of brands worldwide. His factory is located in Bali, Indonesia and has over 25 years of manufacturing experience. Consistently providing clients with the tools, resources, strategies and guidance needed to create quality brands, Bali Swim’s custom swimwear is at the core of their business.

Address: Bali, Indonesia

Mukura has been in the custom swimwear industry for 15 years and is a US based private label swimwear manufacturer with a factory in Colombia and an experienced production team.
All products are manufactured locally in the United States, saving you a fortune in logistics if your swimwear business is located there.

Address: Columbia, United States

Lefty Production Co. is a Los Angeles based swimwear manufacturer whose main clients are designers, fashion brands and clothing retailers, providing business guidance to help them expand their business, as well as sexy, fashionable swimwear and classic traditional swimwear styles to meet all of their swimwear manufacturing and production needs.

Address: 318 West 9th Street Suite #1010 Los Angeles, California 90015

Mar Egeu is an ethical swimwear manufacturer, based in Brazil, whose extensive experience in the design, production and private labeling of swimwear has helped many startups build their brands, sourcing all their swimwear fabrics from the best fabric mills in Brazil and adhering to strict ethical and sustainable business practices.

Address: Mar Egeu Headquarters Rua Oriente 714, São Paulo, Brazil

Swimwear Manufacturers is a London, UK based clothing manufacturer that helps clients develop their own swimwear brands from start to finish and is ethically sustainable throughout the process, helping you design and manufacture your own swimwear.
At the time of production they have a minimum order of 300 pieces and a minimum of 50 pieces per style.

Address: Unit 59 Mill Mead Industreal Center Mill Mead Road London

Legend has been specializing in swimwear manufacturing services since its inception. The company was established in Hong Kong, China in 1995 and has manufacturing plants in both China and Vietnam, producing 15 million pieces of swimwear each year, as well as providing complete swimwear solutions for customers and accumulating a large number of repeat customers.

Address: Units 2101-6, 21/F, Laford Centre, 838 Lai Chi Kok Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Bali Summer is a clothing manufacturer based in Bali, Indonesia, with years of experience in swimwear production, offering custom swimwear services to customers worldwide, with a focus on producing high quality swimwear, as well as custom sportswear and labels. Their minimum order quantity for swimwear is 200 pieces, or an order amount greater than $3,000.

Address: JIn Muding Mundeh III No. 30, Kerobokan, North Kuta, Badung, Bali, Indonesia (80117)

Welon Sport & Fashion Group Limiteds is a professional swimwear manufacturer from China, specializing in swimwear manufacturing and export business, the company is located in Guangzhou, China, with two factories located in Foshan and Indonesia, with a wealth of production experience, producing more than 2.5 million pieces of swimwear per year, in addition, they also provide swimwear design and fabric sourcing services for customers.

Address: 3/F, Block 1, Nimble Huamei International No.1-1, Gongye Er Lu, Dashi, Panyu, Guangzhou, China 511430

Active Qstom is a company that produces swimwear for people who sell swimwear. Their factory is located in Bali, Indonesia, and they are very conscious of their customers’ privacy and keep all of their customers’ information completely confidential. Active Custom serves international customers, mainly offering customization services for bikinis and swimwear, and has many repeat customers in the United States and Australia.

Address: Bali, Indonesia

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