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As a sportswear manufacturer with 15 years of experience, we provide one-stop service, from the design and development of sportswear to the production and shipping, all done by us, saving your time and money!

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What types of apparel do sportswear manufacturers offer?

white mens sportswear

Men's sportswear

white women sportswear

Women's Sportswear

gray childrens sportswear

Children's Sportswear

white yoga wear

Yoga Wear

gray gym wear

Gym Wear

blue sexy swimsuit


team sportswear

Team Sportswear

Why LoveNaturalTouch is the best sportswear manufacturer for you?

Real Factory

We are a sportswear factory located in China, with BSCI and ISO9001 certificates, we welcome customers to visit our factory.


The MOQ of our custom sportswear is 100 pieces, so you don’t need to worry about the risk of having too much inventory.

Quality Assurance

We strictly control every step of the production process to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality sportswear.

Design Confidentiality

We can sign a non-disclosure agreement and will not disclose your sportswear design and purchasing plan to anyone.

We have compiled this comprehensive guide on sportswear manufacturers to help you better start your own sportswear business.

What is sportswear manufacturer?

tennis wear

Sportswear manufacturers are companies that specialize in the production of sportswear. Their main products include sweatshirts, sweatpants, sports underwear, yoga wear and swimwear. The main goal of sportswear manufacturers is to provide athletes with high quality, high performance sportswear that will allow them to maximize their potential in sports, their comfort in wearing it during outdoor activities and whether it will protect the body from injury.

As we can see, sportswear manufacturers design their products to meet the specific needs of their customers and to be able to provide them with high quality products. This is why sportswear manufacturers generally have their own research and design teams, and they will continue to practice and innovate to provide the best products to their customers.

The products of sportswear manufacturers are mainly for outdoor activities, so they will use special materials such as wearable, breathable, waterproof, etc. At the same time, sportswear manufacturers will also pay attention to the appearance of the product design to keep the clothing beautiful.

Sportswear manufacturers will provide customized products for their customers according to their different needs. So the customers can also customize the sportswear using their own designs and ideas. In addition, the sportswear manufacturer will also constantly adjust the design of the product according to the changes in the market to ensure that the product will meet the needs of the customers.

Sportswear manufacturers conduct stringent tests on their products to ensure the quality of the products. They send their products to laboratories for various tests, including durability tests, performance tests and appearance tests. Only products that have undergone rigorous testing are manufactured.

Today, sportswear manufacturers have become part of the sporting goods industry. They meet the needs of their customers by constantly providing high quality products that enable people to perform at their best in sports.

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How to work with sportswear manufacturers?

athletic man

To produce your own sportswear products, you first need to work with a sportswear manufacturer. While many people may not know how to work with a manufacturer, it’s really not that hard. Here are some steps that can help you get started.

1. List your needs

First, you need to list your product needs. This means all the factors you need to consider, including color, size, material and price. These are all factors that your manufacturer needs to consider, so you need to tell them clearly.

Listing your needs is more than just telling the manufacturer, it helps you determine if there is a market for your product.

2. Find a relevant sportswear manufacturer

Now that you understand your needs, you can start looking for a relevant manufacturer. This step may take some time, but when you find the right manufacturer, you will get a high quality product.

There are several different ways to find a manufacturer, including searching online, visiting a local factory or using your contacts.

Whichever method you use, make sure you find a professional, reliable manufacturer.

This step may take a lot of your time, but only by finding the right manufacturer will you be able to reduce the hassle in the subsequent cooperation.

3. Evaluate the manufacturer's capabilities

Once you have found a few possible producers, it’s time to evaluate their production capabilities. This means looking at their equipment to make sure they have the capacity to produce the product you want.

Also, look at the manufacturer’s quality management system to make sure they can deliver a quality product.

Finally, it’s also time to look at the manufacturer’s prices and make sure that their offer will meet your budget.

4. Contact the sportswear manufacturer and negotiate with them

Now that you have found the right manufacturer through the above steps, the next step is to contact them and start negotiating.

Contacting the manufacturer and negotiating with them is a critical step because this is how you will get the product you want.

Before negotiating, you need to prepare a detailed proposal in order to tell the manufacturer what you need and what you want.

Negotiation is a skill, so learn how to negotiate with the manufacturer to get your product manufactured at the lowest price.

5. Sign the cooperation agreement

Once you have successfully negotiated, it is time to sign a cooperation agreement. This is an important step because it will define the rights and obligations of you and the sportswear manufacturer and provide legal security. The agreement should include information about the manufacturer, customer information, products, specifications, quantities, prices, delivery schedules, quality standards, shipping methods and trade terms.

In addition, the agreement should include the rights and obligations of both parties.

Signing a cooperation agreement is a key step to ensure that both parties will comply with all the terms.

If you follow these steps, you’ll be on your way to successfully partnering with a sportswear manufacturer to start producing your product line. Just remember to have a clear understanding of your needs, find the right manufacturer and sign an effective cooperation agreement, and you will be well on your way to producing and selling your products.

The 10 best sportswear manufacturers in China

We have collected and compiled 10 of the best sportswear manufacturers in China for you to choose and compare. We are not worried that you will choose other sportswear manufacturers to work with, because our professionalism and product quality control in producing sportswear is unsurpassed by other manufacturers, and we are confident enough to provide you with the best experience of working with us.

1. LoveNaturalTouch

lovenaturaltouch sportswear banner

Key Products: 

  • Men’s sportswear
  • Women’s sportswear
  • Children’s sportswear
  • Yoga wear
  • Swimwear


3F, No.1 Building, No.16 of Zhenkou Industrial Third Road, Humen Town,Dongguan city,China

Company Profile:

As an apparel manufacturer with 15 years of apparel manufacturing experience, LoveNaturalTouch has a very sophisticated technology for manufacturing sports apparel. LoveNaturalTouch provides high quality, comfortable sportswear designed to help people experience the joy of sports. Their products are carefully designed to provide maximum freedom and comfort so that people can fully enjoy their sports. LoveNaturalTouch believes that exercise is everyone’s right and wants to help people achieve this through their products.

 LoveNaturalTouch’s mission is to surprise customers through innovative design while consistently providing high quality products and services. LoveNaturalTouch has a team of professionals who aim to provide the best possible exercise experience for their customers. Their goal is to help people achieve their sports dreams through innovative design, superior quality and first-class customer service.

2. Hingto

Key Products:

  • Sportswear
  • Yoga wear
  • Fitness wear
  • Running wear
  • Bikini
  • Team sportswear

Address: 506, A2, Jiefeng E-Commerce Blvd., No. 50, Juyuan St., Shicha Rd., Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Company Profile:

Hingto was established in 2009 in Guangzhou, China, as a professional manufacturer of high quality sportswear and accessories. We have set up a sales team, R&D department and sample development skills. Offering comprehensive customer service and professional shipping. 13 years of rich experience, Hingto’s products have been exported to many countries and regions all over the world, especially to USA, UK, Australia and European countries.


Key Products:

  • Leggings
  • Bras
  • Tops
  • Shorts
  • Joggers
  • Hoodies

Address: First Floor, Building C, Yuanqu Wuyou, Taoyuan Village, Hengjie Town, Haishu District, Ningbo

Company Profile:

FIFO was established in 2010 in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China, with over 10 years of experience in sportswear manufacturing, an experienced management team and strong sample development capability, with our own designers who can develop new styles according to customers’ requirements. The sportswear is mainly exported to Japan, USA, UK, Australia and European markets.

4. Mladen Garment

Key Products:

  • Yoga wear
  • Sports uniform


Building 6, Lane 2500 Xiupu Rd, Kangqiao Industrial Park, Shanghai, China

Company Profile:

Mladen garment is a Chinese sportswear manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience in garment production. They have gained a lot of valuable experience year by year during their production operation, especially specializing in woven jackets, and they work with all kinds of garments and fabrics, but their main focus is on uniforms. Sportswear is a good example of their work. Available in a wide variety of styles, colors and garments for men, women and children, Mladen offers sports uniforms for different sports and activities, including yoga, cycling, volleyball, jiu-jitsu, tennis and badminton.

5. Yotex Apparel

Key Products:

  • Sportswear
  • Activewear
  • Swimwear
  • Streetwear

Address: Shanghai China

Company Profile: 

Yotex factory, located in Shanghai, China, is one of the fast growing apparel manufacturers in China, providing ODM & OEM services to the US, Canadian and European markets. Business services include fabric and accessory sourcing, sample development, mass production, in-house quality inspection and door-to-door logistics solutions.

6. Aktik Sportswear

Key Products:

  • Sportswear
  • Tracksuits
  • Leggings
  • Shorts


No.476,Liansheng North Road,Humen Town, Dongguan,Guangdong China

Company Profile:

Aktik has over 15 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting. OEM and ODM services are available. We provide unique one-stop solution for all kinds of sportswear, such as wholesale sportswear, custom sports bras, wholesale bottoms, custom tank tops, wholesale jerseys, custom T-shirts, cycling shorts, custom sportswear, wholesale sweatpants, custom sweatshirts, bodybuilding apparel, etc. The company’s main business is focused on North America, Europe and Australia.

7. Yinshan

Key Products:

  • Sports teamwear
  • sportswear
  • Uniform and workwear
  • Fitness and workout clothes


Room 1105-1107, Buiding G, 959 Creative Park, Chengxin Road No.959, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, China

Company Profile:

Yinshan has over thirty years of experience in making sports apparel and team apparel. It is a company that designs, produces and wholesales sportswear, custom sportswear, promotional and event apparel, custom uniforms and workwear, fitness and sportswear. Founded in 1986, the company has 4 design teams and 5 factories, and is a sportswear supplier integrating design, fabric, printing, embroidery, washing, packaging and distribution. As a leading sportswear manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter, Yinshan is able to meet the needs of most customers.

8. Xinfu activewear

Key Products:

  • Activewear
  • Fitness clothing
  • Yoga clothes
  • Sports bra
  • Yoga leggings pants


No.6, Yinlong Road,Humen Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China

Company Profile:

Xinfu is a professional wholesale sportswear apparel manufacturer and supplier in China, established in 2009, providing OEM/ODM services for wholesale sportswear, fitness wear, yoga wear, custom sports bras, yoga leggings and other related products.
Xinfu has about 100 employees and business in USA, UK, Australia, Germany and other countries. Besides being able to customize your designed sportswear, you can also choose to become a Xinfu distributor and grow with Xinfu!

9. Arabella Clothing

Key Products:

  • Men’s sportswear
  • Women’s sportswear
  • Boys’ sportswear
  • Girls’ sportswear


4# Building 2-3/F, No.354, Jiyin Road, Tong’an District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, 361100, China

Company Profile:

Arabella is a family owned company, established in 2014, which has been focusing on making yoga and fitness wear. The factory is located in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China, and offers customization services and also has a dedicated R&D team to help customers develop new products.

10. Goal Sportswear

Key Products:

  • sportswear
  • Sports uniforms


3F, Building D, No.28, Xinyuan Industrial Park, Pinghu Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

Company Profile:

Goal Sportswear is a Chinese supplier that prides itself on providing high quality, fast delivery and excellent service to customers worldwide. The factory is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China and has over 10 years of experience in manufacturing sublimated sportswear and has been supplying schools, clubs, companies and the international market, specializing in the custom design of a wide range of sports related apparel and sports uniforms.

7 issues to keep in mind when choosing a sportswear manufacturer

children in sportswear

When we choose a sportswear manufacturer, there are many factors to consider. For example

1. Prices

Price is the most important concern for many customers. The prices offered by different sportswear manufacturers may vary greatly, so we need to ask for more quotes from some manufacturers and then compare them.

2. Quality

The quality of the sportswear is also an important factor, we need to ask the manufacturer about the materials used and check whether their products have undergone rigorous testing.

3. Factory certificates

To make sure you are choosing a sportswear factory and not a trading company, we need to ask and check whether the factory has a sportswear manufacturing certificate and confirm whether its factory has passed the national/regional audit.

4. Reliability and credibility

We need to choose a reliable manufacturer that can provide us with high quality products. In addition, we need to make sure that the manufacturer has the ability to meet our production requirements and has a good reputation.

5. Customization capability

According to your needs, choose a sportswear manufacturer that has a lot of experience in customization so that it can better meet your needs.

6. Delivery time

In order not to disrupt your business plan, we need to choose a manufacturer that has sufficient production capacity and can provide timely delivery.

7. Follow up services

Choose a manufacturer that can provide you with comprehensive follow-up services so that you can solve the problems encountered in the production process in a timely manner.

The production process of a sportswear manufacturer.

ladies yoga

The production process of a sportswear manufacturer is divided into the following steps: design, making samples, purchasing materials, production, testing and quality checking, and packaging.

1. Sportswear Design

Design is the first step in the manufacturing of sportswear. The designer of a sportswear company will first understand the customer’s needs and then develop a design based on the customer’s requirements. After finalizing the plan with the customer, the designer will start to make samples, or the design can be made directly from the customer’s design plan.

2. Making sportswear samples

Making a sample is a sample of the garment that is made during the actual production process. Once the samples are made, they will be tested by the quality department to ensure that they perform to the client’s requirements. If it passes the test, sourcing of production materials can begin.

3. Sourcing of fabrics and accessories

Sourcing is the process of purchasing raw materials from suppliers. Sportswear companies will purchase different types of fabrics, buttons, zippers, etc. as needed and ship them to the factory. At the factory, the raw materials will be processed and produced according to the designer’s requirements.

4. Bulk production

Production is the process of processing the raw materials into garments. In the production process, the fabric will first be cut and then sewn into the garment by machine processing. Once production is complete, the garment will be tested by testers to ensure its quality meets the customer’s requirements.

5. Sportswear quality testing

Testing is the process of testing the performance of the garment. The testers will test the garment for durability, breathability, abrasion resistance and water resistance according to the customer’s requirements. If it passes the test, the garment will be sent to the quality inspection department for inspection.

6. Quality inspection

Quality inspection is the process of testing the appearance and size of the garment. If the garment meets the quality standards, it can proceed to the packaging stage.

7. Packaging

Packaging is the process of packing the garment into the form requested by the customer. The sportswear company will choose the appropriate packaging material according to the customer’s requirements and pack the garment into the size and shape requested by the customer.

The above is the production process of a sportswear manufacturer. In this process, designers, buyers, factory workers and testers all play an important role. These people work together to complete the production of the garment, thus providing the customer with high quality sportswear.

Do sportswear manufacturers have a minimum order quantity requirement?

cycling sportswear

Do sportswear manufacturers have minimum order requirements? This is a question that we are often asked. The answer is that it depends on the manufacturer. Some do, some don’t. It really varies from company to company. So if you are looking for a specific manufacturer, it is best to check with them directly to see if they have any minimum order requirements.

Doing your research ahead of time can save you a lot of hassle. That’s why we’re here to help! We have compiled a list of sportswear manufacturers that have minimum order requirements. So, if you are looking for flexibility and low MOQs, these are the companies you should consider.

A list of sportswear manufacturers with minimum order requirements.

  • LoveNaturalTouch: MOQ is 100 pieces

  • UGA Wear: MOQ is 100 pieces

  • Astsw Sport: MOQ is 100 pieces

  • Sansan Sports: MOQ is 50 pieces

  • Pluscool-Sports: MOQ is 100 pieces

  • Twinal: MOQ is 2,000 pieces

  • Mgoo Fashion: MOQ is 100 pieces

  • Hcactivewear: MOQ is 100 pieces

We hope this list will be helpful and give you a better idea of what options are available to you when looking for the right manufacturer for you. As always, if you would like to know more about the MOQ requirements for sportswear manufacturers, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you!

Sportswear manufacturer FAQs

The cost of making a sports garment sample varies depending on the complexity of the design and the fabric used. Generally speaking, it costs around $50 to $100 to make a simple sports garment sample. If you’re looking to have a more complicated design or use higher quality materials, expect to pay closer to $200. Keep in mind that these are just estimates – the actual cost will vary depending on your specific project.

Sportswear manufacturers can provide any type of fabric to make the garment you design, it largely depends on the customer’s requirements and the sportswear manufacturer will go to the local fabric market to purchase the fabric requested by the customer.

There are a few key things to look for when choosing fabric for sportswear. Firstly, the fabric should be lightweight and breathable. Secondly, it should have good moisture-wicking properties to keep you feeling dry and comfortable during exercise. Thirdly, it should have some stretch to allow for freedom of movement.

Some of the best fabrics for sportswear include polyester, nylon, and spandex. These materials are all lightweight, breathable, and have good moisture-wicking properties. They also have some stretch, which makes them ideal for sportswear.

If you’re looking for a fabric that is both stylish and functional, then polyester is a great option. It’s a versatile fabric that can be used for a variety of different garments. Nylon is another good option for sportswear. It’s lightweight, breathable, and has good moisture-wicking properties.

Spandex is a synthetic fabric that is often used in sportswear. It’s very stretchy, which makes it ideal for garments that need to be tight-fitting. It’s also a very durable fabric, so it’s perfect for items that will see a lot of wear and tear.

When choosing fabric for sportswear, it’s important to consider your needs and the activity you’ll be doing in the garment. If you need a fabric that is lightweight and breathable, then polyester or nylon is a good choice. If you need a fabric that is very stretchy, then spandex is a good option. And if you need a durable fabric, then nylon is a good choice.

No matter what your needs are, there’s a fabric out there that is perfect for sportswear. So, do some research and find the perfect fabric for your next piece of sportswear. You’ll be sure to find a fabric that meets your needs and helps you perform at your best.

Now that we know what fabrics are best for sportswear, let’s take a look at some of the most popular garments made from these fabrics.

One of the most popular items of sportswear is a t-shirt. T-shirts are usually made from polyester or nylon. They’re lightweight, breathable, and have good moisture-wicking properties. Plus, they’re very comfortable to wear.

Another popular item of sportswear is a pair of shorts. Shorts are usually made from nylon or spandex. They’re lightweight, breathable, and have good moisture-wicking properties. Plus, they offer a great range of movement.

A third popular item of sportswear is a pair of leggings. Leggings are usually made from spandex. They’re very stretchy, so they offer a great range of movement. Plus, they’re very comfortable to wear.

So, those are three of the most popular items of sportswear. Each one is made from a different fabric, so it’s important to choose the right fabric for your needs. If you need a lightweight and breathable fabric, then polyester or nylon is a good choice. If you need a fabric that is very stretchy, then spandex is a good option. And if you need a durable fabric, then nylon is a good choice.

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