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We are a high-end women’s clothing manufacturer in China with 15 years of experience in garment manufacturing. Customized dresses are our best service and one-stop service to meet all your needs.

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What kinds of dresses can be customized by dress manufacturers

yellow dress

One-Piece dresss(long)

The skirt of a long dress is very long and the skirt is usually near the ankle, which can look very dignified and elegant for a lady.

white skirt

One-Piece dress(short)

The skirt of the dress is usually above the knee, which is very breathable and cool in the summer heat, and it can look very sex.

sexy dresses

Mid-length dresses

The skirt foot is around the knee, perfect for casual everyday wear in summer.

gold miniskirt


It is a half skirt with a hemline that covers the hip line. There are many different styles and can be worn with different types of tops.

green dress

Long dress

Like the long dress, it looks elegant and modest, but the difference is that he can choose his own top to go with it.

orange dress

African dress

Originated from the traditional dress of African tribes, integrated with modern fashion elements, characterized by bright colors, very beautiful.

What is custom dress manufacturers?

customized skirt design

Custom dress manufacturer is the source factory of dresses, mainly according to the customer’s needs, according to the customer’s design to produce dresses and other clothing, the production of samples can be modified if not satisfied with the production of dress samples, customers can also be mass production when the quality of the production of dress samples are satisfied.

Generally, dress manufacturers have a minimum order quantity requirement, if your order quantity does not meet their requirements, they will not cooperate with you, because if your order quantity is very small, they spend a lot of time and get very little profit, which is very uneconomical.

However, some dress manufacturers usually make some fixed styles of dresses for customers to buy, and the factory direct sale of dresses will be cheaper compared to the wholesale dress stores.

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The 10 best custom dress manufacturers of 2022

We have collected and compiled a list of ten of the best custom dress makers. The following apparel manufacturers have made customizing and wholesaling high quality dresses their core business.

custom dress manufacturers

As a professional women’s clothing manufacturer, custom dresses are one of lovenaturaltouch’s best jobs. lovenaturaltouch’s factory is located in Dongguan, China, known as the world’s factory, and our 15 years of experience in clothing production allows us to easily solve any problems in the dress customization process.

The factory now has more than 20 professional dress designers, you only need to provide your ideas and we will design your clothes to your satisfaction, and there is also a special sample production department, which can complete seven-day fast sampling, not only that, more than 100 experienced sewers can ensure that we can complete the production of clothes on time to ship within the agreed delivery time.

One-stop service to help your brand develop quickly.

Address: 3F, No.1 Building, No.16 of Zhenkou Industrial Third Road, Humen Town,Dongguan city,China

Established in Singapore in 2013, Bryden Apparel has always made it our mission to help and serve independent fashion brands and large corporations and e-commerce retailers with their sourcing and apparel production requirements.

We handle the entire supply chain process, from dress design, fabric and trim sourcing, sample making, mass garment production, packaging, to product shipment, helping you save time, money and effort.

We offer customization services for any kind of clothing, including dresses, and the entire process is strictly inspected to ensure quality.

Address: 3791 Jalan Bukit Merah, #10-19 E-Centre@Redhill, Singapore 159471

The LG Couture bespoke clothing factory opened in 1981 in the heart of western France, After 35 years of development, lg-couture has become a custom women’s clothing manufacturer specializing in high-end women’s clothing and luxury women’s clothing.

Our strength lies in the skill and dexterity of our demanding seamstresses which is why some of the biggest names in French fashion place their trust in LG Couture.

We only produce high-end skirts, jackets, coats, dresses, etc…

Address: LG Couture 4 rue Joseph Monnier 85220 Coëx (FRANCE)

Clothingmanufacturersasia(CMA) exclusively works in ethical-verified custom clothing manufacturing.

We are able to produce all types of clothing and use the best materials for each garment. We have developed different programs taking into account the needs of businesses of different sizes, and we are happy to help start-ups grow, and if you are just starting your own business, our MOQ is only 50 pieces of each style.

We strictly control every step of the production process. Today, CMA serves more than 1,800 registered fashion brands in more than 65 countries and is considered one of the best ethically certified clothing manufacturers in Southeast Asia.

Address: Jl. Tukad Citarum No.7 Panjer, Kec. Denpasar Selatan Kota Denpasar(Renon) Bali
, Indonesia 80234

Cutandstitch specializes in custom clothing manufacturing for individuals and companies around the world. We understand how important a good clothing manufacturer is to a clothing brand, whether you are just starting your own clothing brand or looking for a new clothing factory to work with, we can help you.

In order to better provide customers with convenient services, we have garment factories in China, Taiwan, the United States and India. Product quality is the most important issue for us. No matter where the products are produced, they can only be delivered to customers through our quality inspection factory.

If you’re looking for a maker of custom dresses, CutandStitch is a great choice!

Address: 366 5th Avenue New York, NY, 10001

Ngapparels specializes in serving women’s fashion retailers worldwide, with a factory located in Ludhiana, India, specializing in all types of women’s clothing at competitive prices, and with over 32 years of apparel manufacturing experience, we are able to provide our customers with the latest fashion designs, strict quality control and professional apparel knowledge to provide a one-stop solution for your needs.
Ngapparels has a unique manufacturing process dedicated to the production of a wide range of women’s knitted and woven garments, strictly according to the customer’s custom requirements, high production efficiency and high quality products make us stand out among hundreds of local garment manufacturers and become the first choice of our customers.

Address: NG Apparels 270 A, Industrial Area-A, Ludhiana, Punjab 141003 INDIA

Seam apparel is a US-based private label apparel manufacturing company that has been serving fashion brands of all sizes around the world. We specialize in apparel manufacturing and have a decade of apparel manufacturing experience, primarily targeting start-ups and major apparel brands with a range of solutions for their apparel brand development.
Unlike other apparel manufacturers, we have no order quantity limit and a minimum order quantity of only 50 pieces, so if you are a startup just entering the apparel industry and want to customize your own unique dresses, then seam qpparel must be your best choice, not only that, we have also built a retail platform to facilitate our customers to order small quantities easily.

Address: 3705 W Pico Blvd #402 Los Angeles, CA 90019-3451

Cheer sagar is a family business, established in India in 1991, 30 years ago. Before entering the garment manufacturing industry, they became famous by making and selling handmade carpets, and today, through the expertise they have accumulated over the years, they are also skilled in making women’s clothing, especially custom-made dresses.

Cheer sagar custom-made dresses are made with great attention to detail, design and quality. Every employee of the company understands the importance of making the perfect dress and striving to be the best clothing supplier in the world is a vision they have always maintained.

Address: E-194, RIICO Industrial Area Mansarovar,  Jaipur – 302 020 INDIA

Plussamples factory, located in London, UK, was established in 2003 as a well-established high-end garment manufacturer, providing one-stop garment production solutions for branded clients.

Working with some of the UK’s top fashion designers, plussamples is responsible for the production of samples and large shipments of garments, producing high quality garments is what we always strive for.

Unlike other bespoke dress makers, plussamples only works on CMT production and garment development, from single samples to garment production projects. We offer sampling, production and grading with no minimum orders, perfect for startups to work with us.

Address: Unit B1 Summer Court, Maybury Gardens, London NW10 2NB, UK

Smithgarment is a manufacturer specializing in African apparel and contemporary clothing with a factory in Bangkok, Thailand, and over 20 years of experience in the garment industry, offering design, production and material sourcing services.

Smithgarment is very familiar with custom-made dresses, especially African dresses, and has its own unique design, if you want to customize some African dresses, Smithgarment will be glad to serve you.

Address: No.9 Chockchai4 ( Soi 14 Junction 1 ) Chockchai4 Rd., Ladprao Bangkok, Thailand 10230

What to look for when looking for a custom dress manufacturer?

dress model

It’s not easy to find a custom skirt manufacturer that suits your needs because there are so many skirt manufacturers nowadays and they vary in size and product quality, so we need to look at the following aspects when judging whether a manufacturer is suitable for your business.

  1. The location of the manufacturer’s factory
    The location of the factory is very important, which determines the cost you have to pay to work with them. Take a sample of a custom skirt as an example, if you look for a manufacturer in the United States or European countries, it will cost about $2000, which is very expensive, but if you find a manufacturer in China, India, Vietnam, etc., it will cost about $500 or even less, which is determined by the local economic level. The more developed the economy, the higher the cost of making a dress. Of course, if you want to get a sample of your own design quickly, you can choose the closest dress maker, which is a great time saver.
  2. What is the minimum order quantity of custom-made dresses from the manufacturer?
    This determines whether the manufacturer you choose is willing to work with you, and is a condition that exists in every garment factory, because not every order given by the customer will be profitable, whether it is 50 custom skirts or 50,000, their pre-production process and pay the same cost, the number of your order is too small, for the factory this order is completely unprofitable.
    But not all skirt manufacturers have a minimum order quantity requirement, some factories are willing to accept some small orders in order to establish a long-term and stable relationship.
  3. The size of the skirt manufacturer
    If you are a startup, we don’t recommend you to choose a large scale dress manufacturer, because every large scale dress manufacturer doesn’t cooperate for only one company, the more orders you cooperate, the smaller orders from startups are likely to be arranged at the end, and your waiting period will be long, so it is most suitable for startups to choose a medium scale dress manufacturer.
  4. Determine the professionalism of the factory
    Through the experience we have accumulated in the garment industry over the years, we have found that many garment orders are not necessarily completed by a garment manufacturer independently, because many garment factories have their own most core business. You can’t have a factory that produces sweaters making skirts for you, because the machines used to produce them are completely different, but some factories are willing to cooperate with you in order to get more profit, and then your orders Outsourcing to other factories to earn the difference, so before placing an order, you must make sure your factory can fulfill the order by checking the certificate, video or factory inspection by a third party organization, etc.

Why Lovenaturaltouch is the best custom dress manufacturer for you?

bsci   natural touch
iso9001 english  2019.2.20
  1. Advanced dress making process
    Lovenaturaltouch, as one of the leading high-end women’s clothing manufacturers in China, has 15 years of experience in making women’s clothing, and is quite familiar with every process of making dresses, no one knows more about custom dresses than we do.
  2. Sustainable clothing manufacturer
    We always insist on environmental protectionism, we strictly control the amount of electricity and water used in the production process, so as not to waste resources, and use recyclable materials as much as possible in the dress making process, hoping to do our best to contribute to the environmental protection of the earth.
  3. Free samples
    We consider the cost of startups and prepare free samples of dresses for startups in order to help them develop better.
  4. Fast delivery time
    Advanced production equipment, experienced staff, clear division of labor, and multiple departments working together make our production efficiency greatly improved, ensuring that we can complete our customers’ orders and deliver on time within the specified time.
  5. Safety Guarantee
    We have the international certification of BSCI and ISO9001, and produce high quality dresses in strict accordance with the standards to ensure product quality.

Dress samples

Custom dresses we are the most professional, if you need, we can give you free samples

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