Advantages and disadvantages of silk fabrics


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As people living standard unceasing enhancement, the choice of fabric quality is high, real silk fabrics is a kind of high-grade fabrics, silk as raw material after weaving and processing made of the type of an excellent drape of fabric, silk fabric quality is good and is often used in the production of dress, wedding dress, such as high-end clothing, because the material is precious so its price is high also,  Therefore, there are also a large number of silk imitation fabrics on the market, their price is lower and can be expected to replace the effect of silk to a certain extent.


Advantages of silk fabric:  

First of all, tencel has a silky soft feel, and the fabric is light and elegant with very good drapiness. The fabric is environmentally friendly and non-irritating, and will not cause allergies to human skin, so it can also be used for the production of undergarments. 

The sort of fabrics of real silk has a lot of, have tafu of real silk Joe its, real silk to wait for 10 kinds, because this consumer can choose completely according to his demand or be fond of.  The fiber structure of silk is porous, so the fabric will naturally have better air permeability, the moisture content of the cloth is also in line with the requirements of human physiology, so the silk fabric will have a very comfortable wearing experience, of course, the warmth of silk is also very prominent, like our winter quilt is made of silk.  

Silk dye performance is also very good, generally with acid or neutral fuel coloring, its color fastness is good all not easy to cause fabric fading, fading phenomenon.  The silk fabric is luxurious and beautiful, and can highlight the shape and lines, so the silk clothing is favored by women.  

Disadvantages of silk fabric:  

Good quality goods, its price nature also won’t be too cheap, a real silk formal dress is less thousands more tens of thousands, not everyone has ability to consume, this also is the reason that imitation silk cloth can be popular.  Of course silk cloth is done rise can compare expend energy, fabric wear resistance is short of, appear easily damage, drape wait for a phenomenon. 


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