Full Service Or Tailor Factory, Which Is Best For Your Company?

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What is Full Service and Cut & Sew Factories?

When you choose a product, such as clothes, do you like to choose a famous brand because it can save time without doing the quality audit, or will you choose a small brand that is more cost-effective and more suitable for you? The same is true when choosing a factory. Do you choose a full-service factory with complete services or a sew factory with affordable prices? In fact, no matter which one you choose, fitting yourself is the most important.

A full service factories, as the name implies, provide one-stop services: including material purchasing, product development, production, and logistics services. It is somewhat similar to a trading company or a service company. Its main core is service, so as to save time and worry. Sew factories only provide limited services, such as clothes sewing on the assembly line. Their services are limited and single.Sew factories generally do not involve design services, product materials and logistics services in the early stage, because they only provide simple labor.

What is the differences between Full Service and Cut & Sew Factories?

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In the first paragraph of the definition, the differences between them have been roughly involved. Now let’s talk about it in detail. Generally speaking, the comprehensive strength of a full service factory is far greater than that of a sew factory. The full service factory provides technical services, such as product development and design, technical drawings, pattern design, price scheme, competent suppliers, sample improvement, etc. At the same time, the full service factory will also participate in the purchase of fabrics and accessories, develop labels, hang tags, and provide packaging and transportation services.

The sew factory, technically, is completely dependent on customers. Customers need to provide technical drawings, finished designs, fabrics, accessories, labels, etc. Before placing an order, the customer needs to tell the sew factory in detail how to customize, and the sew factory only needs to provide labor. There are also differences between the two in sample preparation and confirmation. The full service factory will make samples according to the design draft and requirements and give them to the customer for review. If they are not satisfied with it, they will improve according to the customer’s comments. Once approved, they will enter the production process. The sew factory will make a sample of the same specification through the sample provided by the customer, and will provide the production cost after confirmation.

The disadvantage and advantage of Full Service factories.

Saving time and labor should be the greatest benefit of cooperation with the full service factories. First of all, the full service factory has a perfect process, which integrates the supply chain, design, production, procurement and logistics. You only need to communicate with a business manager or production supervisor, and the others factories will handle well of the internal communication and then convey to you. This saves a lot of time and management costs!

The supply chain provided by the full service factories may be the suppliers you cannot contact. However, because product development and design are in the hands of others, the company will gradually lose its core advantage and rely on outsourcing too much. In addition, you need to ensure that the factory provides technical drawings and supplier information to you, and you can fully control these information.

The disadvantage and advantage of Sew Factories.

The biggest advantage of cooperating with a sew factory is that you have mastered the right to independent development. It can be your company’s internal personnel to participate in product development, or you can hire a typesetting master and designer to do that. Of course, this is also the company’s efforts to achieve!
At the same time, since all except assembly line production are involved by ourselves, so the initiative is firmly in our hands, the process is familiar, and the supplier team can control strategies! Obviously, this mode will also consume a lot of energy, manpower and material resources to coordinate and communicate orders. In addition, special attention should be paid to quality control and delivery date. Factories such as Vietnam and Southeast Asia, where labor is cheap and concentrated, are generally many large OEM factories. When there are many orders,they need to wait in line. Therefore, it may cause delay in delivery and poor service.

How can I choose the most suitable Factories for our company?

If I am a clothing company, should I choose a full service factory or a sew factory? For small start-up companies, if they do not have enough resources and energy, it is recommended to try a full service factories. Small start-up companies can raise more demands when communicating with the full service factories, so that the factory can provide a complete set of solutions and options. At the same time of communication and selection, the company will learn more about the factory’s market analysis and market insight. After one or two market tests, you can try to purchase fabrics and accessories by yourself, communicate with suppliers, and design and develop independently.

For well operated and large enterprises, sew factory is undoubtedly a better choice. Many famous companies, such as Unilever, have their own supply chain, their own procurement and design teams. Only production will be handled separately, and they are also easy to control. In a word, whether you choose a full service factory or a sew factory, suitability is the most important.


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