How to Build Your Clothing Brand?

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Figure out your target market

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The target market of a clothing brand refers to the relatively stable target customers and potential customers determined by the brand, which is the embodiment of the realization of product value. The positioning of the target market runs through a series of design processes such as brand concept, production level and sales mode, which shows the importance of brand clothing.A brand should select the most suitable target market from the segmented market according to the brand characteristics, and then better formulate and improve the brand strategy according to the target market.

The clothing brand strategy can be generally divided into four steps: the first step is to segment the market, the second is to initially determine the target market, the third is to clarify the characteristics and core competitiveness of the clothing brand after determining the target market, and the fourth is to determine the brand positioning according to the first three steps.

1. Product attributes and properties

First of all, it is necessary to clarify the quality and type of clothing that the enterprise should produce, and have a simple positioning for the clothing produced in terms of quality and grade, which is the starting point for the next clothing brand positioning.Target market and product attributes should cooperate with each other, otherwise it is difficult to support the development of the brand.

2. For customer groups

The starting point of clothing brand positioning is customers, and how to impress customers is the top priority of market positioning. Only by deeply understanding the psychology of the target consumers, doing a detailed research on the age, income level and education level of the customer base and analyzing the data can we quickly understand the psychology of the consumers to better determine the target market. Grasping the psychology of consumers is a key element to the success of a brand. The brand is committed to serving consumers, and consumers naturally have a sense of trust, which is crucial to stabilize and expand the target market.

3. Investigation and analysis

Market research is a complex process. First of all, the target market needs to be preliminarily divided, in which the stable market goals and potential market goals can be found.Besides, you should analyse the potential target market and the relevant brand positioning, and find out the differences between the clothing brand and other similar products, compare and analyse their advantages and disadvantages, better optimize the current market positioning, so as to give full play to the brand target market positioning and development advantages, to win a broader target market.

Choose a name for your clothing line

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1. A simple and memorable name is the first choice

To establish a memorable, familiar brand is the first purpose of the name. A simple and popular name can close the distance with customers, reduce the cost of identification, communication costs. Sometimes complicated and complicated names will increase marketing costs, which is not conducive to publicity, so simple and easy to remember names are usually the first choice of brand name.

2. A name that meets the aesthetic of the public and the trend of The Times

Whether it is enterprise naming, brand naming or product naming, the first thing to consider is whether the appetite of the public. Once customers are satisified, the name can be pushed to the market, win a good reputation so as to make the brand bigger and better. The name in line with customer cognition, the trend of The Times and fashion charm can also increase the sense of identity.

3. Choose a stylish brand name

Since it is a brand that is bound to be bigger, the high-style name can not only enhance the brand position, but also attract a larger customer group and bring higher profits for the enterprise. A stylish name can reduce marketing costs, and subtly give people a very valuable feeling, so that they are willing to choose to trust, like such a tasteful brand.

4. In line with the brand core positioning

Each brand has its own positioning and value orientation. Brand name must conform to the enterprise attributes, express the positioning and value of the brand, and facilitate the integration of communication.

Create a unique style for your clothing line

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1. Precise localization

For any industry, it is the same that if the brand wants to develop, the first job is to carry out precise brand positioning, and it is the primary premise and direction of brand development. Different types of brand clothing audience is not the same, the style and direction is different, so when you are in brand design, you must consider these realistic factors, and fully combine these factors for professional design and planning to ensure that the brand positioning direction is clear, highlights the enterprise brand culture spirit and expresses the cultural connotation. It is the focus of the brand design to let the audience obviously feel the difference of our brand. As long as your brand positioning is clear, the overall effect of brand can develop.

2. Clothing characteristics and differences

Throughout all brands of clothing, they have their own style characteristics, so in the design of clothing brands, you need to have own clothing characteristics, and brand display whose purpose is to let consumers more intuitively understand the brand characteristics, unique effects and style characteristics. How to establish clothing features? You need to take your own clothing characteristics as the main principle of design which can reflect the brand tension and brand tone, increase the brand exposure rate.

3. Cooperation

Some newly established clothing brand companies are relatively inexperienced in both brand development and brand design. In this case, they can seek cooperation with professional brand planning companies. Professional planning companies will provide design solutions according to the enterprise brand theme, and develop a full range of solutions, so that the brand planning items will be sorted out, and the special brand advantages will be displayed. In addition to highlighting the very creative design effect, it will also make the concept of the clothing brand to be fully presented in the market environment, so that the brand is very competitive. Professional brand planning companies will sort out a clear brand development ideas, with the same starting line development of clothing brand companies, you can have more opportunity and strength to get first.

Choose the right fabrics and material


1. The selection of fabrics and lining should complement each other

Fabric and in the auxiliary material color, shrinkage rate, soft and hard characteristics, heat resistance, firmness, wear resistance should be consistent, or similar.

2. Clothing material should have good moisture absorption and scattering moisture property

Summer clothes should choose real silk whose moisture absorption and scattering moisture are good. Linen is also a good choice.These clothes have good air permeability, fast moisture absorption . When you wear them, sweat cannot be sticked, and you can feel cool. Cotton fabrics have strong moisture and bad scattering moisture, which are not suitable for summer. Polyester and other synthetic fiber hygroscopic is poor, which are not good for underwear.

3. Good warmth

Winter clothing material should choose good warm fabrics, such as silk, polyester fiber and acrylic fabrics. Of course, warmth is also related to the thickness of the fabric, so you need pay attention to the thickness when choosing clothing.

4. Good air permeability

Summer clothing material should have good air permeability, winter should choose less breathable clothing material. Such as breathable and smooth wrinkle, double spinning silk, light and breathable cotton yarn, and fine and breathable ramie cloth which are suitable for summer clothing material; thick and warm wool and silk wool fabric are better winter clothing materials. Durable polyester and other chemical fiber are suitable for spring and autumn.

5. Colour and lustre

Generally red indicates vitality, health, enthusiasm, hope; yellow means gentle, light, happy; orange means excitement, joy, beauty; green means hope, solemnity; purple means nobility, elegance; white means purity, freshness, etc. China is a yellow race with more white skin color people, so they can choose a deeper color clothing to foil the skin white and add beautiful feeling; darker people can choose light and elegant color. Fat people need to choose dark color, small flowers, vertical lines which can make them look slim; thin and tall people need to wear light color, big flowers, square lattice and horizontal clothes, which can appear more plump. Clothing color should change with the season, light in summer and autumn, and dark in winter and spring.

Market your brand to attract new customers

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1. News press publicity

The way of press release publicity is mainly to play the role of publicity and brand communication through the promotion of soft text, so that the majority of consumers can understand and know the dynamics of the brand and the daily image of the brand, and to maintain the image through the release of manuscripts. General enterprises pay attention to the optimization of keywords in the release of news adver, focusing on the value and reputation of the brand. The publicity method of press release is basically a network publicity method adopted by all well-known clothing brands, because this publicity method has low cost and remarkable effect, which can make the audience experience, recognize and accept the brand from the depths of their hearts.

2. Search for product promotion

Search product promotion is a way of obvious effect. The most common mode is questions and answer, encyclopedia and other search engine related products. Through the users’ usage, fast word of mouth spread platform for product information release, enterprise and brand image maintenance, which can eventually shape brand network reputation.

3. Video marketing publicity

Video publicity refers to the marketing means that enterprises put various videos and forms on the Internet video broadcasting platforms to achieve a certain purpose of publicity. The most common form is video advertising. Generally speaking, the video advertising content is mainly to explain the brand connotation, with diverse themes, but all focus on highlighting the value and reputation of the brand. Clothing video publicity is also a kind of visual enjoyment, which can give the audience a good experience, and for the display of products and brands is also very three-dimensional and vivid.


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