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When we are looking for a garment factory, the most effective way to know if the factory’s production technology can meet our requirements is to have the factory make a garment sample first, and then decide whether to mass produce based on the quality of the sample.

There are many factors that affect the price of samples, the first is the location of the garment factory, the more developed the economy, the higher the price, if you make a garment sample in the United States, the price is about $200-300, but if you choose an Asian country, the price of the same sample is about $50-100, which is determined by the economic level of different countries.

In addition to regional factors, it is also affected by the fabric, accessories and labor. In China, for example, a simple top, shorts and skirt are usually made for USD50 a piece, a long dress will be more expensive, a short dress, USD60, a length up to the knee, USD70, a length up to the foot, USD80-90, a hoodie is usually USD60, a special process will increase the price on top of that. Some prices.

Of course, if you don’t have too many requirements on the details of the products, some factories also have the service of providing free samples, and you only need to pay a small shipping fee to get it.
When the quality of the sample from the factory meets your requirements, it is ready for mass production. If you still don’t know the exact process of mass production, you can read this article:The production process of garments I believe it will be helpful to you.

clothing sample
clothing sample

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