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In China, the garment industry has played a very important role in the development of the local economy, especially in the coastal areas of China, where a series of preferential policies by the local government have attracted many people to open garment factories over here, and the opening of the factories has provided jobs for many people and further stabilized the development of the local economy.

With the continuous development of the Chinese garment industry to today, has a very mature manufacturing technology, whether low-end or high-end clothing, can be made in Chinese factories, although China’s manufacturing industry has been very mature, but because of the large number of Chinese labor force, making the labor costs very low, which also attracts a large number of countries in Europe and the United States to China to customize clothing in large quantities, and then these garments to the Europe and the United States market sales, as a way to get more profits. Below I will summarize the advantages and disadvantages of choosing Chinese garment manufacturers.


  • Abundant labor force, low labor cost
  • Mature garment manufacturing technology, large garment production, high product quality and production efficiency
  • Factories are concentrated in coastal port cities, transportation is convenient and fast
  • Epidemic prevention and control in place, in other Southeast Asian countries affected by the epidemic can not continue to produce, China’s garment factories can still normal production of clothing.


  • Weak independent design ability of clothing, lack of innovation ability
  • The business philosophy of production, light design, processing and marketing makes their own branding not high

To sum up, the biggest advantage of Chinese garment manufacturers is high production efficiency and low prices. If you are also looking for a factory suitable for mass production of garments, please contact us, we can provide free samples and moq only 100 pieces to meet all the needs of buyers of different sizes!


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