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sustainable clothing

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With the continuous development of global economy, people can make all kinds of goods. However, many goods will become garbage after having no use value. According to statistics, the world produces about 10 billion tons of garbage each year where there are about 92 million tons of garment waste. It takes about 200 years for most of the raw materials of garment waste to be degraded naturally. The garment industry has various styles and quality of clothes made into the market every day. So people will buy new clothes and then discard the old ones, which can produce more and more garment waste and threaten the earth’s environment increasely.

garbage on earth
garbage on earth

Fortunately, people are gradually realizing the importance of sustainable clothing. Now many clothing manufacturers are taking sustainable fabrics as their first choice when choosing fabrics. Sustainable fabrics are the fabrics which can be recyclable,durable and biogradable after being used, and have less pressure on the environment during the process of production. The clothing with such kind of fabrics having no original values can be made into new products to the market after being recycled and discomposition processed, which can bring about less pollution on the environment.

clothing made of recyclable fabrics
clothing made of recyclable fabrics

First of all, it is not so easy to find a qualified sustainable clothing manufacturers. You have to understand what is sustainable fabrics in the beginning.Sustainable fabrics refer to organic cotton, recycled fabrics and vegan leather, etc…

1. What is organic cotton

Organic cotton means that there have no pesticide pollution on cotton from the cultivation of raw materials to the processing process, which has high requirements on the quality of the land, and also on the light, heat, water and other environmental factors. The fabrics which are made of  of organic cotton are soft, comfortable, bright-colored and more friendly to the skin.

2. What is recyclable fabric

Recyclable fabric means that after the fabric is made into garments purchased by consumers, it can be recycled and processed into new garment fabrics. But it is hard for current technology to achieve 100% recycling utilization. Nevertheless, the use of recyclable fabrics can still reduce the pollution on the environment.

3.What is vegan leather

Vegan leather, also known as vegetable leather, is generally made from natural plants as raw materials. With the development of technics, the feel and comfort of vegan leather has become comparable to that of leather. Besides, vegan leather is much environmentally friendly.

sustainable clothing manufacturer
sustainable clothing manufacturer

To know if a manufacturer is a sustainable manufacturer, we need to look at the following aspects.

1. Check what certificates the company has. A manufacturer with a GRS certificate (Global Recycled Standard) is more authoritative. What’s more,the manufactureres with ISO and BSCI certificates are also reliable.

2. Check the company’s website for descriptions of the use of sustainable fabrics, not only that, but their entire production process must be transparent and visible.

3. Support on-site factory visits. Every garment manufacturer has their own factories and allows customers to visit. They also can offer video factory inspections even in the current epidemic situation, which will allow you to make sure they are a real and large-scale garment factory.

lovenaturaltouch logo
lovenaturaltouch logo

If you are looking for a sustainable garment manufacturer, then I recommend you to choose Lovenaturaltouch. Lovenaturaltouch company is a garment manufacturer located in Dongguan, China, with 15 years of experience in garment manufacturing, providing garment OEM and ODM services.It insists on making environmentally sustainable garments for business philosophy, providing high quality garments for customers. Please contact us and we will help you to expand the brand effection.


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