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As the economies of developed countries continuously growing, the ratio of labor-intensive industries is becoming less and less locally. But the garment manufacturing industry still requires a lot of labor, so many companies are moving their garment production lines to countries with lower labor costs, among which, garments made in China are populared by garment buyers for their excellent quality and low prices. if you are also looking for a good garment manufacturer to work with, then this article will help your business a lot.

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China, an apparel manufacturer who is one of the most developing countries in the world , is known for its high quality, low cost and fast delivery. However, there are over tens of thousands of apparel manufacturers whose production scale and quality are much different. Therefore, it is not easy to find a manufacturer that meets your requirements.

First of all, the most common way to find a garment manufacturer is to enter relevant keywords in the browser. Some influential garment manufacturers have their own websites. We can use the information provided by the website to know about whether the garment company meets our requirements. If we still want to know more information, we can send inquiries directly to the manufacturer through the website, thus establishing direct contact with the manufacturer and avoiding the trading company have benefits. Nowadays, independent websites have become the main customer acquisition channel for more and more garment manufacturers.

If you feel that the independent websites of the general manufacturers are not highly credible, there is a much securer choice that is through the well-known B2B platform to find manufacturers.There are some much famous B2B sites in China, such as Alibaba, Made in China. Ninety percent of garment manufacturers of these platforms are from China, who also have platform guarantee. So you can do transaction undoubtfully on these platforms. But because businesses need to pay expensive membership fees and publicity fees to enter the B2B platform, so there is a part of the quality manufacturers that will not put too much efforts on it.

The last and most direct way to find Chinese garment manufacturers is to go to an exhibition, where you can communicate directly with the person in charge of the manufacturer face to face, but also see the quality of the samples brought by the manufacturer so that you can quickly determine whether you need to cooperate with the manufacturer. However, due to the epidemic in recent years, domestic and international exhibitions are becoming less and less. Therefore, both buyers and garment manufacturers are putting their efforts on online platforms.

To sum up, if you want to find the most suitable clothing manufacturer in China, the best way is by checking the clothing supplier’s websites and B2B platforms in China. A good clothing supplier can make your business go smoother and save your mind. Next, I will continue to tell you what are the notices for finding clothing suppliers online.


How to find a quality-clothing supplier on Google’s independent website

1. Look at the overall style of the site. An influential clothing manufacturer website structure is clear, simple and generous.

2. Check if the manufacturer’s product line and your own business is related. Because some clothing categories have high production process requirements, some manufacturers only do one of the categories.

3. Authority certifications are much vital for clothing manufacturers. There are some credible certificates,such as BSCI, WRAP and ISO9001.

4.The photos and videos taken in the field by the factory are also important. Generally, in order to reflect their professionalism and authenticity, factories will put factory videos on their websites.

How to find quality-clothing suppliers on B2B platforms (Alibaba as an example)

1. Golden product sincere enterprise certification. Due to the protection of Alibaba, in addition to looking at the relevant certifications, Alibaba’s official certification also has great reference value.

2. Authoritative certification, such as: BSCI, WRAP, ISO9001

3.3D showroom, the garment manufacturer’s own sample showroom.

4. SKA merchant certification, clothing manufacturers with it invest over millions in Alibaba every year. Their factory strength is also ranked at the forefront of the industry.

The above is the ways to find a quality garment factory in China, hope it can help you.


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