How to Start Your Own Clothing Line?

start your own clothing line

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The rise of every enterprise and brand has an origin story. A brilliant multinational fashion tycoon may also originate from a small enterprise run by a fledgling fashion designer. With the rapid development of the digital age and e-commerce, although it is challenging to launch your own clothing series, it is possible to transform a small clothing store into a popular clothing brand.

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What do you need to do to start your own clothing line?

1. A lot of Market Research

Determining your product positioning and target audience is a critical step, and the two complement each other. Market research includes not only competitors, but also target audiences. Traditional audience analysis needs to do all aspects of investigation from age, gender, income, marital status, hobbies, lifestyle, purchase behavior, etc.

2. Identify the target audience

These are the people you are trying to contact and connect with every day. The more you know these people, the more likely you are to ensure that they become your customers.
For example, young people pay more attention to style, tend to prefer network marketing and be recommended, but their budget may be insufficient. Middle aged customers can afford higher prices, but they may not care much about style and are loyal to existing brands.

3. Choose the right supplier

In the previous article, we have shared many ways to find suppliers. I will not repeat its importance here. Many suppliers can be easily found through Google, trade fairs, referrals, etc.
Note: pay attention to distinguish.

Maintain the competitiveness of our clothing line in the market

1. Building the uniqueness of brand

Inject a fascinating story into your brand. Your story can be integrated into the brand name, logo, website design and introduction. A brand with a story is like a living person, which makes people feel real and full, and will further impress customers and brand influence.
As the late American writer and poet Maya Angelou often be quoted, “people will forget what you said and what you did, but they will never forget what you made them feel.” The story you tell can let others know you, and the value conveyed in the story will not only inspire you, but also inspire others.

2. Use new technology to help produce and market your clothes

Innovation is the first driving force to promote the development of human society. In the previous article, we mentioned the concept of sustainable clothing manufacturing. Using environmental protection or waste materials to make clothes not only contributes to nature, creates an environment-friendly image, but also improves the level of the brand, so that consumers are more willing to choose a socially responsible enterprise.
The innovation of enterprises is not only reflected in production, but also in marketing. Social media can be a powerful tool. Gone are the days of investing heavily in TV commercials. Nowadays, the fast and entertaining of short video has a very strong explosive effect. People prefer to spend in relaxed entertainment, and what they buy is actually a happy experience. It is an indispensable part of the digital age to increase marketing channels through advertising and promotions combined with social media (such as Facebook, instagram, youtube, reddit, etc.) and online celebrities.

Make sure your target audience can afford your clothes

After confirming the target audience and product positioning, the key step is pricing. Price can be said to occupy an extremely critical and important link in consumer behavior. Make sure the target audience can afford your clothes. There are some auxiliary software or websites that can be used as a reference for price setting, such as galloth and sparxiq. Most of them need to be paid. Therefore, for start-ups, the best way is market research and pricing in combination with the actual situation of the company.

How to make your price of clothes?

1. Determine fixed costs

clothing material costs, labor costs, site costs, operating costs, packaging, etc. Fixed cost refers to the cost you have to pay. No matter how many pieces of clothes you sell, the fixed cost will not change.

2. Estimate variable costs

such as marketing costs, publicity costs, design costs, etc., which are variable and require real knowledge through practice.

3. Study the market pricing and dig out the excess costs

such as whether it is possible to use cheaper venues. This step is to check whether the price you set is reasonable on the one hand, and to reduce the cost as much as possible on the other hand.

4. Constantly test the market and find the profit balance point

After the price is set, it is not static. Observing the feedback of the market and customers and adjusting the price in time will make your career go more stable and faster.

Provide high-quality customer services

If your clothes are great, but you don’t pay attention to continuous and good customer service, your customers will eventually be poached by other clothing shops and competitors. This is not alarmism. Research shows that a person will convey his bad consumption feelings to more than 20 people around him. This is a nightmare for enterprises! Therefore,If you want to operate well of your clothing enterprise, please don’t think that purchase is termination, and service is also very important.

How to do a good job of customer service?

1. Maintain a positive attitude

There is a Chinese slang saying: People won’t hit a smiling face. At any time, a smile and a positive attitude are the best gifts.

2. Provide reasonable solutions

When something goes wrong, don’t be an ostrich! Doing business is not a one-off deal. If you just want not to lose a little money, you will lose a steady stream of money: your customers don’t want to do business with you anymore.

3. Rapid response

65% of people think that time is precious in after-sales service. Speed is the cornerstone of good customer service — especially for many small things, please don’t let customers wait too long.


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