The advantages and disadvantages of cotton fabrics

pros and cons of pure cotton fabrics

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Cotton fabric, cotton as raw material, through the machine interwoven textiles, cotton fabric with its natural skin-friendly advantages in the production of clothing and bedding is widely used, the next I will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of cotton fabrics.


The advantages of cotton fabrics

1. Moisture absorption: Because cotton fiber has good moisture absorption performance, so in general, cotton fiber can absorb the moisture in the air, and with the surrounding temperature, the moisture in the cotton fiber is evaporated to achieve a state of humidity balance, will not produce static electricity, so that people feel soft and comfortable, and does not make the skin feel dry.

2. Heat preservation: Because the cotton fiber itself has a very low coefficient of heat transfer, has good heat preservation, so cotton fabrics made of clothes will not make the temperature loss too fast, in the winter wearing cotton fabric clothes can make people feel warm and comfortable.

3. Durable: cotton products have high heat resistance, can withstand temperatures below 110 degrees Celsius, in room temperature conditions, cotton clothing for daily wear use will not cause damage to the clothes. And cotton fibers will not be corroded by alkali damage, so the cotton fabric dyeing and printing process will not damage the fabric.

4. Safety and health: cotton fabric raw material is natural cotton planting, and according to research shows that cotton fiber does not have any stimulating effect on the skin, and skin-friendly.

Disadvantages of cotton fabrics

1. easy to produce wrinkles, and wrinkles are difficult to smooth out.

2. Easy to shrink, the shrinkage rate of cotton fabric is 4%-10%, and it is difficult to recover after shrinking.

3. Not acid-resistant, like vinegar and other common acid-containing substances on the cotton fabric, if not cleaned up in time, the fabric produced irreversible damage.

In summary, cotton fabrics have many advantages, so cotton fabric clothing loved by people, daily life cotton fabrics are prone to shrinkage and yellowing phenomenon, so in the daily wear use should also do some maintenance of cotton clothing to extend the service life of clothing.

cotton clothing
cotton clothing

Cotton clothing how to do maintenance

1. use steam iron medium temperature ironing, with printed parts of the choice of ironing its reverse side, as a way to keep the fabric color bright.

2. Because the cotton fiber will absorb moisture in the surrounding air, so in the storage of clothing due to try to choose a dry closet to avoid moisture.

3. Light-colored cotton clothing sometimes yellow, this time just add the right amount of detergent in the water and gently rub to clean off.


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