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When a customer finds a suitable garment manufacturer, in order to confirm whether the products produced by the garment manufacturer meet their requirements, they need to contact the manufacturer to make a sample first, and only after making sure the sample is qualified will they decide whether to start further cooperation. Below I will describe the process of producing a sample for a garment manufacturer.

1. Communicating with the customer about the details of the sample requirements (process, material and proofing time, etc.)

2. Starting to purchase the fabrics needed to produce the samples after receiving the sample fee from the customer

3. Making a paper pattern according to the customer’s designs or requirements

4. Production team cut and sew the sample according to the paper pattern

5.Checking if the shape of the sample and sizes of the finished garment is qualified

6. Packing the samples and sending them to customers

clothing fabric
clothing fabric

The following are the precautions to be taken when producing samples.

  1. It is necessory to test the shrinkage rate of the fabrics required by customers before producing samples. The shrinkage treatment is processed in accordance with the requirements of the sample production sheet. You can begin to make layout after testing out of the sample fabric accurate shrinkage rate; if the fabric has been washed or the fabric belongs to the non-shrinkage, the layout can be made without adding the shrinkage rate.But paper pattern dreawing should be fixed according to different types of clothing, different fabrics and different process requirements.
  2. You should not comprehensively understand the sample process and natures before making patterns, but also considering the difficulty of the process when doing the production of bulk. Thus,when making patterns, the requirements of the process should try to be avoided the complexity of the process to protect the sample from bad quality caused by too complex technology and from increasing costs in the production of bulk later because of the complex sewing process.
  3. When there is an unreasonable size, you should communicate with the customer and change the unreasonable size in time

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