The design and manufacturing process of apparel

clothes design

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The production of any clothing is inseparable from the beginning of the design, the design is good or bad to determine whether the clothing can be liked by consumers, the following is the design process of clothing.

  1. First of all, we should conduct market research to understand various information of the market and provide ideas for our own design.
  2. According to the market research and the product requirements of the company’s brand strategy, the designer adds his own unique understanding of the product and draws the sketch of the garment.
  3. After drawing a good sketch, consider the details of the garment, the material, practicality and the accessories to be used to determine the production plan.
  4. Determine the size of each part of the garment, draw the cutting pattern of each part and its components according to the proportion.
  5. eview the sample garment to see whether its appearance and quality meet the design requirements.
  6. Production of industrial prototypes and technical packages.
  7. Once the sample is confirmed, you can find a garment manufacturer to start mass production.

Once a garment manufacturer has been contacted to determine cooperation, the production process of the garment manufacturer is as follows:

  1. Purchase of fabric and materials for production according to customer requirements.
  2. Fabric and materials into the factory quality inspection, generally will check the appearance and quality of the fabric, material materials, etc., the test results meet the production requirements before putting into production.
  3. Arrangement of materials, under the premise of meeting the requirements of design and production, all pieces of garment samples of various specifications are arranged reasonably on the specified size of fabrics, so that the utilization rate of fabrics reaches the highest, saving costs and reducing waste.
  4. Cutting, cutting and trimming the fabric according to the sample drawing.
  5. Sewing, the cut pieces are pieced and sewn together.
  6. Sewing accessories such as buttons and accessories to the garment.
  7. Garment ironing, using spray ironing to change the stretching degree of the fabric, shaping, so that the clothes look beautiful.
  8. Garment inspection, checking whether the finished garment has any defects and whether it meets the customer’s requirements.
  9. Finally, the finished garments are packed and boxed.

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