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1.Name: Lovenaturaltouch

图片1 拷贝

Introduce: Lovenaturaltouch has 15 years of experience in clothing production, the factory has more than 150 experienced employees, more than 20 professional clothing designers, to help customers design and make beautiful clothes, and can provide free consulting services for customers. Can meet the needs of customers, within 7 days to complete the sample, customized mass goods only need 3-4 weeks, to meet the needs of customers for fast delivery

City & Country: Guangdong China

Established date: 2007

Key Products: Dress, T-shirt, Pajamas, Hoodies, Childrens Clothing, Sportswear, Swimwear

Product Image:

swimsuit (4)

Review: Lovenaturaltouch clear division of labor, high production efficiency, good product quality, flexible minimum order to meet the needs of different customers. With BSCI and ISO9001 certificates, we are able to assure customers of Lovenaturaltouch factory.

2.Name: Baliswim

swimsuit 3

Introduce: The majority of products are based on sustainable recyclable fabrics, providing you with the tools, resources, strategies and guidance you need to create a quality brand, with a low order minimum, an innovative online store, sample and bulk orders, trend and custom ready to swim in Bali, committed to providing convenient, reliable and fulfilling service to the global community.

City & Country: Bali Indonesia

Established date: 2016

Key Product: swimwear, active, lounge

Product Image:

swimsuit 5

Review: Can provide model shooting service for customers, at least ten products, high price, single shooting type.


swimsuit 6

Introduce: The Lefty Production Co. team has worked with a wide variety of designers, fashion brands and retailers. The team at Lefty Production Co. loves fashion and accessories and has decades of working experience. Any style you need can be created for you, understanding the real needs of customers, and the quality is excellent. Can provide you with a one-stop service.

City & Country: Los Angeles,US

Established date: 2015

Key Products: men’s wear,women’s wear,children’s wear, swimwear,athletic wear,lingerie

Product Image:

swimsuit 7

Review: With rich experience, we can trust them with our products, but we need to pay attention to whether the size of all people is the same. In the process of ordering again, we need to double confirm whether the size meets our needs.

4.Name: PROTOTYPE   

swimsuit 8

Introduce: Protoype provides extensive guidance and support for startups. From branding to coverage, offers you the opportunity to create your own, fully custom designs. Perfect for designers and innovators. Take advantage of our global market to provide you with products and services of high American standards and reasonable import prices.

City & Country: Bali Indonesia

Established date: 2016

Key Products: Swimwear, t-shirt, activesear, lingerie

Product Image:

swimsuit 9

Review:The product quality is very good, and the price is relatively high, which is not suitable for some start-ups with insufficient funds.

5.Name: BLUE SKY  

swimsuit 10

Introduce: From delicate to playful, Bluesky style will make you feel comfortable and stylish, and use the highest quality fabrics to make you feel very comfortable. The products are stylish and beautifully crafted with unique fabrics that are very soft in design and flatter your figure in all the right places, very much in line with the female aesthetic.

City & Country:South Daytona, Florida, US

Established date: 1995

Key Products: Swimwear

Product Image:

swimsuit 11

Review: Exquisite fashion, the pursuit of fashion brand is one of the best factories, but the price is high, the production cycle is relatively long


swimsuit 12

Introduce: BOMME is a clothing factory in Los Angeles, USA, which launches its own brand. It has experience in customizing clothes for international artists. It is able to provide marketing agency services for just starting clients to promote its brand, give blueprints to him, and help you realize your clothing dream.

City & Country: California, US

Established date: 2016

Key Products: Active wear and performance, swimwear

Product Image:

swimsuit 13

Review: Experienced, self-owned brand launch, can provide customers with a variety of services, but the price will be relatively high, suitable for customers with sufficient funds to seek their help to provide services for you, need to spend time to customize personal business, if urgent customers, need to consider clearly.

7.Name:Swimwear Bali

swimsuit 14

Introduce: Swimwear Bali is the only bonded tax free company in Bali and has a 100% recyclable certification if required to use recycled fabrics. Swimwear Bali has a range of swimwear designs to choose from, as well as help clients customize their swimwear styles.

City & Country: Bali, Indonesia

Established date: 2002

Key Products: Swimwear

Product Image:

swimsuit 15

Review:There are many kinds of styles and good quality. The minimum order quantity is 300 pieces, and the price of styles is also relatively high.


swimsuit 16

Introduce: Established in 2003, Hongyuapparel has been dedicated to helping independent fashion brands and entrepreneurial designers meet their clothing production needs for more than 20 years. From sourcing fabrics and accessories to producing samples, increasing brand identity, bulk garment production, packaging, quality control inspection, and product delivery, customer satisfaction and reassurance.

City & Country: Dongguan, Guangdong, CN

Established date: 2003

Key Products: T-shirt and tops, pajamas, swimwear, Hoodies, hats and caps, dress

Product Image:

swimsuit 17

Review: It is involved in all areas of clothing and can help customers produce products, but too many products do not grasp the precise needs of customers, and its swimsuits may not fit as well as some customers would like.

9.Name:Active Qstom  

swimsuit 18

Introduce: Active qstom has more than 10 years of your experience and the factory is located in Indonesia and can offer you reasonable prices

We can offer you a quotation quickly. The minimum order quantity is only 200 pieces. Offer the full price in 45 hours, from sample to finished product, and provide the cost of shipping and labeling etc., just turn your idea into reality.

City & Country: Bali Indonesia

Established date: 2010

Key Products: Swimwear

Product Image:

swimsuit 19

Review:Products are mainly made according to customer customization. The traditional market started, and the style cannot keep up with the current trend. Therefore, we need to explore the current trend of product styles by ourselves.

10.Name: Mukura   

swimsuit 20 1

Introduce: Mukura is a Columbia swimsuit factory with 15 years of experience, offering two types of services, able to meet different customer needs, flexible to provide for customers’ needs.

City & Country: Colombia, South America

Established date: 2008

Key Products: swimwear

Product Image:

swimsuit 2

Review:The sample production time needs 4-5 weeks, and the minimum order quantity is 300 pieces, which is relatively high. The production cycle is too long, which is not suitable for the brand in urgent need.


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