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Introduce: Natural touch fashion Co,. ltd is known for high quality, competitive prices, safe packaging and timely delivery. With 15 years of production experience in the garment industry, we can fully meet your needs. The company has more than 100 employees and a monthly production capacity of more than 50,000 pieces. With international ISO9001 certification and  BSCL approval report, to mutual benefit and win-win cooperation principle for customer service.

City & Country: Guangdong, China

Established date: In 2008

Key Products: Dress, blouse, skirt.

Factory Image:


Review: Lovenaturaltouch clear division of labor, high production efficiency, good product quality, flexible minimum order to meet the needs of different customers. With BSCI and ISO9001 certificates, we are able to assure customers of Lovenaturaltouch factory.



Introduce: Rosecarth Internationa manufactures products for international customers in Europe and Asia and operates several factories in Pakistan. Rosecarth International works with multinational retail groups, well-known fashion brands and small businesses to produce a wide range of clothing styles for its customers, both on time and with high quality products. To provide customers with a variety of options to meet the needs of customers.

City & Country: Bradford, United Kingdom

Established date: In 1974

Key Products: T-shirt

Factory Image:


Review: With rich experience and praise from the industry, it can guarantee the quality and the price is relatively high. It is a garment factory worth considering. It takes a long time to make mass goods, so it needs to plan well in advance.



Introduce: With advanced manufacturing infrastructure and technology, Beautiful Connection Group serves customers all over the country. With five professional designers, Beautiful Connection Group creates 4 different collections and more than 1000 designs every year, providing customers with choice. Of course, customers can also provide their own ideas, designers will make different products according to the needs of customers. Team members have many years of experience, to provide customers with satisfactory service, to promote the cooperation and development of both sides, common development.

City & Country: New york, Usa

Established date: In 2008

Key Products: Dress, blouse

Factory Image:


Review:Beautiful Connection Group has a variety of designs and can provide customers with different styles and designs. The price is relatively high to meet different designs until customers are satisfied.



Introduce: Lefty Production is a leading Los Angeles based women’s wear manufacturer. Capable of producing women’s wear line in any size and style, producing a collection that reflects the latest styles and all the classic silhouettes. Using the best materials to ensure that all menswear products are of the highest quality.

City & Country: Los Angeles, USA

Established date: In 2015

Key Products: Dress, pants, shorts

Factory Image:



Lefty Production has a wide variety of styles and varieties, which can perfectly produce various styles of clothes and provide satisfactory products. Lefty Production used to cooperate with official brands, and used expensive fabrics with high prices. The production cycle is relatively long, so it needs to be planned in advance. So as not to cause too long waiting time resulting in product launch error.



Introduce: Bryden was founded in 2013 to provide assistance and services to

independent fashion brands, large corporations and e-commerce retailers with their sourcing and apparel manufacturing needs. With Bryden’s commitment to product quality, craftsmanship and process improvement, Bryden’s goal is to make the entire apparel manufacturing process easy. We look forward to building a friendly and mutually supportive business relationship with our partners.

City & Country: Singapore

Established date: In 2013

Key Products: Men’s wear and women’s wear 

Review: Committed to the use of renewable fabrics, the price will be higher, and if the fabric needs to be dyed, the price will be even higher, and the minimum order quantity is also very large. Startup brands require a lower minimum order quantity.



Introduce: H&F ROURWING was established in 2014, focusing on high-end women’s clothing manufacturing, and can provide you with services on clothing, from selecting fabrics to big goods production, to provide you with supporting services. The starting quantity is 50 pieces, which is very suitable for clothing brands that are just starting out and can enjoy high-end clothing yet can accept a low starting quantity. All you need to do is provide the details and H&F rourwing can help you produce the garments.

City & Country: Ningbo, China

Established date: In 2014

Key Products: Women’s wear

Factory Image:


Review:The starting quantity is low, and it is a high-end garment, and the unit price will be higher compared to a garment factory with a high starting quantity, and startups need to consider whether they have enough capital.



Introduce:A native American Clothing factory, USA Clothing Manufacturers’ professional and flexible design and marketing team work together to achieve the title of one of the most sought-after and reliable U.S. wholesale clothing suppliers in the world, able to deliver orders on time.

When it comes to customization, USA Clothing Manufacturers will have efficient design professionals to communicate with you, bring your ideas to the surface, and make your imagination of clothing. USA Clothing Manufacturers’ only goal is to please you.

City & Country: California, USA

Established date: In 2007

Key Products: blouse, t-shirt

Factory Image:

our factory wholesale clothing production

Review: The cost of fabric, process and labor in American clothing factories will be relatively high, which may not be suitable for low-cost clothing companies.



Introduce: Alamby Fashion is a professional team of fabric and accessory buyers. With a wide range of materials and extensive experience in production techniques, we are able to produce entire clothing collections based entirely on your designs. Working for many fashion brands and independent designers, we are also able to offer personalization to ensure that your customers will remember your brand.

City & Country: Guangdong China 

Established date: In 2013

Key Products: T-shirt, dress, pants

Review: Alamby Fashion can provide personalized customization. Compared with other products that do not require customization, the cost of customized products is relatively high, so it requires sufficient budget to consider personalized customized products.



Introduce: ARGYLE HAUS OF APPAREL is a fashion design and apparel manufacturing company based in Los Angeles, California serving established designers, growing corporations and national brands. Has helped build a presence in more than 3,000 retail stores worldwide, producing the highest quality products for customers.

City & Country: San Fernando,USA

Established date: In 2010

Key Products: Men’s wear, women’s wear, athletic wear

Product Image:


Review: Sustainable fabrics for customers, support environmental work, provide customers with a variety OF options, but sample prices are higher, customers of high quality products can choose ARGYLE HAUS OF APPAREL, they put customer satisfaction first.



Introduce: Founded in 1947, the company has rich experience and can provide various styles for various suppliers and cooperate with various brands for many times. With two teams, we are able to carry out effective communication and cooperation with suppliers and brands in an all-round way to produce high-quality garments.

City & Country: New York, USA

Established date: In 1947

Key Products:Sweaters, Dresses, Skirts / Pants, Blouses

Review: The minimum order quantity of the Dominican Republic and China is 400 pieces, and that of other countries is 250 pieces. The minimum order quantity is relatively high in the industry. For a new brand, the minimum order quantity is relatively high, so we need to consider whether our own funds are sufficient.


There are so many company has, how do you choose? You can contact us directly, we will provide you with the most convenient way to reach cooperation, for your inspiration to present the most perfect work, contact us will not let you down.


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